You know how it goes. You go on holiday, you gain a stone.
Then what happens?
The dieting circle starts again.
Off and on, off and on. An endless cycle that drains and pulls you down, making you feel like your fitness goals are just pie-in-the-sky dreams.
BUT how about a holiday where you lose weight, not gain it?
How about a boot camp where you leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on the world again?
Well, with Bogumila Sawicka, a professional personal trainer with close to a decade's experience in the motivational fitness industry, that's just what the team at SHAPEYOURBOOTYBOOTCAMP has in store for you!

Boot camps are intense. They're supposed to be! That's why they exist.
Traditionally used by the military for recruit training, they've been taken to new levels in the mainstream. With women wanting to lose weight, build up, and get strong within a week, they're notorious for being draining and leaving many disheartened.
The entire process, from dawn until dusk, has too many people quitting, which is why SHAPEYOURBOOTYBOOTCAMP is different.
Here, you're encouraged to break out of your ordinary lives, and jump into a boot camp that is so much more than a training regime.
It's a holiday. Where you lose weight.
Sounds odd when you put the two together, right?
But here, in the heart of the Costa Blanca, where the sun shines for over 2800 hours a year, and where the average annual temperature sits at 20°C, you truly can have a break and shift some pounds. Or, if that isn't your intention, you can streamline your shape and finally be proud of your body!

Calpe is an ancient town once inhabited by the Romans. There are many excavated sites within the town, each explaining the significant importance of this coastal pueblo to ancient history. Renowned for the Peņon de Ifach, Spain's smallest National Park, the huge rock sets Calpe apart from the rest of Spain. With views that lead on to the Balearic Islands, Calpe's unique position is a treat for all weary travellers.
Here, you'll find mile after mile of sandy beaches, plenty of shops, as well as a buzzing nightlife come summer that suits all needs. As the town grows more cosmopolitan, Calpe is becoming a destination in itself.
Central to Benidorm and Denia, with an active and frequent train service, the Costa Blanca is open to exploration. All the delights of this stunning area can be yours to take in on an evening.
Don't forget, this is your HOLIDAY. This is a week out of your life to enjoy sunny Spain while enjoying an innovative approach to fitness. It's about more than weight loss, it's about RnR!

SHAPEYOURBOOTY BOOTCAMP's unique plan is a holistic approach to streamlining your figure. This is about so much more than weight loss. It's about toning your shape and becoming a stronger and fitter you.
And as you make that change, you can relax into your holiday. Yoga and treatments such as reflexology are included in the plan, encouraging you to chill out, to take a breather from the stresses of daily life, and to just enjoy your time here in Calpe.
That being said, don't expect it to be easy. You're here for a purpose. Yes, to have a holiday, but also, to hit those goals of yours. To get started on your fitness path.
Expect to be pushed, for each workout to be intense, but also expect to feel revitalized, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! 

Tucked away in Calpe, with charming views of the sea and the Peņon de Ifach, Hotel Gran Sol is a renowned, privately-owned establishment close enough to the amenities, but without all the noise of the town centre.
It is here where  BOOTCAMPERS will be staying. But there will be none of the deprivation on this trip! This newly-renovated hotel, with its comfortable and attractive bedrooms, stunning outlook, and friendly atmosphere is the cherry on the cake to your break.
In the on-site restaurant, you can partake of two meals a day from their healthy menu, while enjoying their marvellous views of the Ifach and the sea.
Take a dip in their large pool, or relax in the sun when you're not busy with the boot camp. Hotel Gran Sol is a charming place to while away your week. Throw in the activities of SHAPEYOURBOOTYBOOTCAMP, it's even more wonderful to spend your free hours here, to take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere, and to enjoy these stolen hours that belong to you and you alone.

The SHAPEYOURBOOTY BOOTCAMP Package is an extensive one.

*The price includes a week's stay at Hotel Gran Sol, from Wednesday to Wednesday, with two meals a day at their restaurant.
*Supplementary snacks are also available.
Anything from 'healthy' and nutritional chocolate bars to Aloe Vera supplements.
These snacks will help you on your path to achieving all of your weight-loss goals. They'll fill you up and give you a much-needed energy boost, while doing your body some good from the inside out!
*Talks with local health professionals, in particular, trained dieticians. Learn more about your body, what makes it work, and what makes it sluggish. Understanding the science behind weight gain and weight loss is key to controlling your battle with the bulge!
You can also take this opportunity to speak with the dietician one-on-one and have a plan tailor made for you. This is not included in the package, and is individual to you and your own particular needs.
*All workouts. There are no hidden extras. Take part in every single fitness workout without having to count the pennies. Anything from cardio to strength training, and even yoga!
*Holistic treatments. These are subject to change, but enjoy a session of reflexology or a massage, all as part of your  BOOTCAMP package. (More details below)
*Follow up. The most important part of your experience is when you get home. Here, in Calpe, you make the changes, you learn about your body and how to improve your fitness, but it's when you arrive home when it really kicks in.
Your plan includes follow up interaction with Bogumila. She'll catch up with you, advise you, and motivate you into striving to attain all of your fitness goals.

This innovative and holistic approach to a usually intense and draining workout regime is brought to you by Bogumila Sawicka, a level FOUR, certified personal trainer.
Qualified in many aspects of the industry, her one-on-one approach in a group setting is where she shines.
Yes, you'll be a part of a boot camp, where your fellow bootcampers will be working out alongside you, but you'll also benefit from Bogumila's personal attention.
She will help you, drive and encourage you to keep on, to push harder, and to make each session count.

As part of her team, you'll also meet:

Karin Muhlemann
a top fitness trainer from Swizreland
who works tirelessly to ensure clients
reach their goals, she's the PT
you need when you start to
flag mid-workout.


Level 2 Reiki healer, Anne -Marie Landais is a fighter.
Having survived cancer, this nutritionist coach knows how vital nutrition is to our health and well-being.
Passionate about Chinese medicine, as well as the desire to impart her knowledge to others, Anne -Marie will guide you through the pitfalls of dieting and get you on the right path to a healthy relationship with food.